Documentation changes v1xAx to v1xCx

Now that we have the new 1xCx product manual (thanks, Digi-folks!), the question of interest becomes what are the material changes? I didn’t see a list of them anywhere, so in case it helps here are the ones I’ve spotted.

  1. A new SO (Sleep Options) parameter.

  2. The DI buffer size is now given, as 202 bytes. In another topic, Admin has said that the DO buffer is the same size.

  3. I/O line sampling: the new manual says that sampling periods requiring transmissions at periods of less than 20mS are not recommended.

  4. Descriptions of sleep modes have been edited. In particular, the 1xAx manual had a warning that while a module was asleep its current consumption would rise significantly if the power supply was over 3.0 volts. That warning has disappeared in the 1xCx version of the manual, unless it’s moved somewhere else and I’ve missed it.

  5. In MAC mode (MM parameter) mode 3 (Digi mode) has appeared.

  6. The VL command (verbose version info) is now described as having been removed from version 10C9 and later.

  7. The remote AT command and response API packets are now described.

Of course, I may have missed a few. Additions and of course corrections are welcome.