Edgeport/8 on computer with National Instruments drivers

We have been running laboratory instrumentation through an Edgeport/8 USB->serial. The instrumentation also uses National Instruments digital and serial devices. The Instrument control software loads in the NI serial and NI-DAQmx drivers. With the newest version of the instrument software with NI serial 3.5.1 (which is not needed with the Edgeport/8) is showing conflicts that prevent the system running continuously. A blue screen of death was greeting us in the morning. What version of driver should we be using with the Edgeport/8 to avoid these issues? Also any suggestion on best practices under these conditions.


Hello Sarah,

We generally recommend the latest version of the Edgeport driver. Which version are you running now? To determine this, run the Edgeport Configuration Utility and click the Version tab. What’s the version of edgeser.sys?

What Operating System are you running on the PC in question?