EMC problems with NET +50

Hello There We are using a NET+50 with PC-Card WLAN board interface. The board interfaces to a high precision GPS receiver thru one serial port. My problem is that my design (NET+50 with 16MB ram, 8MB FLASH and PC-Card connector) is interfering with the 1.57542 and 1.2276 GHz that is the two GPS frequency that I need to use, if I make a metal housing around our design, the interfering goes away and it works fine. But I prefer to stop the source of interfering and not block it, there for I wonder if anybody can tell me if I can add serial resistors (ex. 220 ohms) and capacitors to GND (ex 15pF) to all my address and data pins on the NET+50. Or does anybody have any other suggestions, about what to do?. When I clock down the clock frequency from 44MHz to 22MHz (on the PLL) the problem reduces a lot, but not enough. We are using a external 18.432 MHz X-Tal The basic problem is that my data and address lanes are long (needed to get to my PC-Card connector). But I cannot change that…! with

Hi,We have some problems in our first prototype regarding EMC and layout. In the current prototype, we did several modifications: - a very careful layout. In special BCLK is very sensitive. We tried to keep it small and not crossing layers. - several serial resistors (56R) for all critical lines ( BCLK, FBCLK, FBNETCLK, /BE0, /BE1, /BE2, /BE3, R/W, /TS, /TA, /TEA, /OE, /WE, /CAS0, /CAS1, /CAS2, /CAS3, /RAS1, /CS0, /CS2, /CS3, /CS4 …) Use net resistors to save space. They must be placed near the signal source. - special layer configuration. Our current board now is working fine. We read some good books regarding this matter: - Printed circuit board design techniques, Montrose, Wiley, 200 - EMC and the printed circuit board, Montrose, Wiley, 1998 Bye, Marcelo Barros