Enabling Netfilter in Kernel Interferes with 802.11 Interface

We have a Digi Wi-MX51 development kit. We need to enable 802.11 and also netfilter.

We have a 802.11, unencrypted network we attempt to connect to. We are
using wpa_supplicant, and I correctly configure /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
to use this network’s SSID and set key_mgmt to NONE.

When I do not enable netfilter in the kernel build, the interface is fully
capable of connecting to the access point and pinging/connecting to
machines on this network.

When I do enable netfilter in the kernel build, the interface is able to
scan the network and “see” the access point, and I can see activity on
the router when the interface attempts to pull down an address, but the
interface is never able to bind to address. It’s as though it’s
receiving anything (and running ifconfig shows that it is not receiving
any bytes). If I statically assign an address, PING requests are still
never returned.

The unit has two wired interfaces that are unaffected by enabling
netfilter in a kernel build, and I never apply any firewall rules.

Is there any insight into this problem?

Is this a GA module?

I have enabled only NETFILTER in configure and it is working for me… i mean i am getting ip from my router w/o encryption…

i am able to ping also…
find the attached config file and use it on your module…

if yours is EA then change i.mx implementation in configure and try