Enumerating users

How do I enumerate the list of users set with NAsetSysAccess()? Right now I am getting around this with my own user list stored in FLASH0.



Assuming its the same as the Net/50 (which I’m pretty certain it is), the list of users and passwords is created at run-time, and not stored anywhere in NVR. (There are a few security bits stored in the board configuration block, which is managed by boardparams.c and updated with dialog.c, and these can be directly read).

I did exactly the same as you have obviously done, and created a block of data in NVR-flash which is then copied to the NetSilicon security system at run-time.

Incidentally, they give you the source of the relevant module (sysaccess.c) so you could look at modifying that.


Thanks, it looks like I will just leave it as is. I have a nice set of passwd functions that work.