Error while compiling POSIX functions

I am trying to add message queues into an application using the POSIX examples. But the compiler is complaining that …/root.c:337: structure has no member named `sa_sigaction’ Line 337 is in sighandler() copied from posix_signal.c: if (pSignal->action.sig_action.sa_sigaction) I have included mqueue.h and sigLib.h at the top of root.c. I dug into sigLib.h and tracked down what I think is the correct definition since _POSIX_SOURCE is not defined anywhere in the source tree: struct sigaction { union { void (*psa_handler)(int); void (*psa_sigaction)(int, siginfo_t *, void *); } sa_u; #define sa_handler sa_u.psa_handler #define sa_sigaction sa_u.psa_sigaction sigset_t sa_mask; int sa_flags; }; While I’ve never seen defines inside a structure before, the compiler doesn’t seem to mind them. But it won’t work even if I move them before the struct. What am I missing? This is Net+OS 6.0 and “arm-elf-gcc (GCC) 3.2 (Microcross X-Tools 3.0a) Feb 27 2003” from the Digi Connect ME SDK Version 6.0. Thank you, Bob McConnell

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