Etherlite 2 timeout


me again :stuck_out_tongue:
just a quick question about timeout
does anyone know if the timeout in Etherlite can be configure ?

I explain, i connect a modem to the Etherlite. My application is extrafax (in lotus domino). But when ppl outside try to fax to me, it’s ringing very often (nearly always) busy :confused: so i think about a timeout which is too long somewhere, that’s why i’d like to know if Etherlite have one.

Thx for your answer
hope to hear from you soon

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If you don’t have firmware version 1.6 on your EL-2 I’d highly recommend it. This is from the ver. 1.6 firmware release notes:

  • Modified the RealPort TCP connection to disconnect after approximately 2 minutes of failed communication. Previously it took a failed connection to disconnect around 12 minutes with latency turned on and 2 hours with throughput turned on.

You can find the 1.6 firmware for the EL-2 (232 version) here:

arff snifff

i have already upgrade my etherlite 2 and current version is already 1.6

any other ideas please ? it’s quite urgent

always no idea anyone ?
should i open a case so ?
there’s a TAC in Digi ?

I don’t know that there’s anything we can do about the modem being busy when you dial into it. It sounds like a modem issue, i.e. the modem isn’t hanging up and therefore rings busy. Modems hang up one of three ways: either DTR is dropped momentarily which kills the modem connection (hard hangup), a +++ATH command is issued (soft hangup), or the other side hangs up which drops carrier and allows the modem to receive another call.

You might want to use a breakout box between modem and serial port so you can see the signal activity during the call and hangup phase, but I doubt there’s anything we can do on the serial side for a busy modem.