Ethernet PHY Chip for NET+50 & Profinet

Hello,Is there an Ethernet PHY Chip available for the NET+50, which is capable to perform beside Auto Negotiation also Auto Crossover and Auto Polarity ? We are planning to develop a Profinet IO application. According to book “The Rapid Way to Profinet“, the hardware conformance test for Profinet IO devices requires Auto Negotiation, Auto Crossover and Auto Polarity. In my opinion, the features Auto Polarity and Auto crossover are the domain of a switch. I wrote several emails to Siemens and asked for clarification but they didn’t respond. I only know, that Siemens offers a Profinet IO Stack for the NET+50 (based on NETOS 5.0). But none of the PHY Chips, which are supported by NETOS 5.0 are able to perform these features. Thanks Alex

Finally I got an email from Siemens (maybe because of my article in the forum ;-)). As I assumed, the features Auto Crossover and Auto Polarity are only necessary for switches.