Explain please what Command NN for Xbee 900HP does?

Could someone please properly explain to me what command NN does for the Xbee 900HP module.

It says in the datasheet “Set or read the maximum random number of network delay slots
before rebroadcasting a network packet”

I have no clue what that means. Is it time they are talking about or are they talking about free slots or full slots?

Could someone please explain to me what it is.

This is a measurement of time between transmissions. It is a random value between 0 and the NN value of open delay slots that will be chosen before a retransmission of a packet that is to be sent over multiple hops. It is used to prevent data collisions from occurring.

So delay slots are timed based? I believe that is incorrect.
That is if I set delay slot of 0x05 I have 5 delay slots but what is the time between delays how do I set that?