Fan control with Matlab

First Im sorry for my english. I’m beginner with Xbee’s. I’ve got XBee Series 1 with development boards. I am working on a project for the school in which Im trying read voltage data from a temperature sensor and send those data in Matlab. Then in Matlab I want make a regulator for controlling a Fan for regulating the temperature level.
One XBee module is connected with PC (with MATLAB) and other one with electronic circuit with temperature sensor and FAN.
Read the data from temperature sensor in Matlab is not a problem. It works. But I can’t control the fan remotely with Matlab. It is possible to remotely activate pin on the other XBee module just with Matlab software with some commands? I can’t find any support on the internet. Thanks for any help.

Hi John,

I don’t know about MatLab. But you can send remote AT Command to set Digital Output high or low. e.g. D04 AND D05.