fbdev Framebuffer on ConnectCore6


I want to know if it is possible remove the x11 backen from dey-image-graphical and use the fbdev framebuffer instead?

I am currently facing this error when trying to run an OpenGL storyboard example:

Can you explain me how to fix this issue and build a new BSP with a fbdev support?

Thank you,


Have you tried building dey-image-minimal?

Yes i have already tried with a dey-image-minimal, but i have a segmentation fault when i execute the storyboard program.

You can try building dey-image-graphical without X11, but that is basically the same than dey-image-minimal…

To remove X11 from dey-image-graphical, edit your local.conf and add the following line:

DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = " x11"

I have also tried to remove the x11 feature from the dey-image-graphical. You are right, it is basically the same.