File Lock/Dual Zone USB key from Flashbay is unknown device.

Virtual Server 2008 R2 with latest 3.8.2 drivers connecting to AW-USB-14 hub which has a File Lock/Dual Zone USB key from Flashbay connected. It should show up as two drive partitions , one a CDROM and the other a removable device. The Flashbay device fails enumeration and is installed in the O/S as “Unknown”.

There is also a safenet USB super pro key connected successfully and I have tested the particular AW-USB-14 port by connecting other mass storage USB keys and hard drives successfully.

Are you running the latest AWUSB/14 firmware? If not, update it to see if that helps.

Afterwards, see if using the “Use Microsoft Device IDs” option in the Preferences of the AWUSB Config Util helps. After applying that setting, be sure to disconnect from the AWUSB then re-connect to it, before testing the USB device again.