Finder (no devices found !!)


My problem is that the Finder can not find digi module connected to the network via Ethernet.
In addition, 2 LEDs (right and left) are on, but they do not blink!
The transfer of the binary file is through the Internet, I’m really stuck.
For information, the digi Modile I has is the Connect ME 9210 (Digi ESP for NET + OS 7), it is not connected to a development kit for debug!

Thank you for your help.

Do you have a serial cable connected between the ME9210 and a PC so you can see the dialog output? IS there anything being displayed via the serial line?

If all else fails you may need to reset the ME9210 via either serial or TFTP. The procedure is described in the following knowledgebase article:

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Finder application is speaking the device discovery protocol ADDP. Either the firmware you run does not include ADDP (does not reply to ADDP broadcasts), or your firmware does not run at all (your blink codes might indicate this > recovery), or you have firewall enabled on your PC which doesn’t allow to bypass the ADDP broadcast.

You mentioned “transfer of the binary file is through the internet”. Note the ADDP protocol is using broadcasts and will only work in local subnets, not over the internet, see: