FS2 File System Problem


I am trying to use fs_setup(fs_get_flash_lx(), 8, 0, NULL, FS_MODIFY_EXTENT, 0, 0, 0, NULL) to set the file system sector size to 256 bytes (2^8 = 256).

I am using a BL210 board with a single flash chip and DC version 9.62. I did define FS2_USE_PROGRAM_FLASH to be 40 (40K) before #use “fs2.lib” and modified XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE to be 0xA000.

When fs_setup() is invoked before fs_init(0,0), it returns as if all OK (no error code) and yet the sector size stays at the default 4096 bytes instead of the desired 256 bytes.

Please help.