Get "Last Discovered" date/time from web services?


I see in the Xbee Networks section of iDigi that a column is named “Last Discovered”. I would like to be able to get this info using one of the available web services. I tried RCI calls with zigbee as target and some others but never this date/time is returned.
It would be useful for me to know this info in order to determine if I need to disable the cache or not or if I need to force a full rediscovering.

Thanks for your help!


For using web services try doing an HTTP GET against


to get all of your Xbee nodes, you will see something similar to


That date is an international timestamp per ISO 8601. The Z is the timezone indicator for GMT. This is the date format accepted and returned by all iDigi web service API’s.
If you are looking for a specific node you can specify it as the resource with your extended address, ie:


You can alternatively; if you login and send your jsessionid with the request, use the reports controller:,xpExtAddr,xpNodeId,xmtModuleTypeDesc,xptProductTypeDesc,xpDeviceType,xpNodeType,xpNetAddr,xpParentAddr,xpUpdateTime

to get an excel sheet containing your Xbee network.

Thanks a lot!
It is what I wanted!
I didn’t know that XbeeCore was available… Is it documented somewhere?
Is there other web services which are not listed in the “IDigi Web Services Reference” document?


I think there is an updated document coming soon… just not completed yet.

The latest device cloud documents can be found at the following links, - programming guide - user guide