getenv() causes exception

The getenv() function of the Green Hills C Library should search an implementation defined environment list, or at least the GHS documentation says so. I wonder where this list is defined and how to change its contents. If I try to call the function, an exception occurs (data abort). By tracing the code of the function on assembly level I came to the conclusion that the function first accesses a variable called “environ”. The contents of this variable (which was 0x0000FFFF in my case) is then used as an pointer to the address of a string. The string comparison that follows this leads the mentioned fatal end. I guess that the “environ”-variable needs only to be set up properly, but I don’t know how this could be done. If it is possible, I would like to store the environment strings in NV-RAM – by using the getenv()-function it would be possible to keep our code portable to the other operating systems we are currently using.