Getting Started Tutorial gives multiple definition errors

I’ve installed NET+)S 7.5 build 07272010 and updated all the files with the package manager. When I step through the Getting Started Tutorial, the build gives me multiple definition errors for several symbols in the web\result\fixed\mesh folder. For example getMeshDevicePhysicalAddress, which is defined in both mesh_network_view.c and

Anyone else seen this, and is there an easy fix? I’m a little surprized that the tutorial doesn’t build…(not really, I’ve been doing this sort of thing a while now…).


You may have missed a step when installing the patches. You were supposed to have seen a window that stated something like the following:

Please note that Package Manager does not have the ability to remove files from your installation. To complete the implementation of the fix for case 36231 it will be necessary for you to manually remove ALL .cc files from the src/apps/DigiESPProject/web/result/fixed/mesh directory.

Thanks a lot, dakotas dad, that was just what I needed. It builds fine now. I’m sure the message came up, but I just over looked it.

I am glad I could be of (successful) assistance