Hardware/software question


I need to set up connections between a DNC software and some Fanuc CNC using serial ports.

I want to use a ConnectPort X4 Xbee-ethernet and one XBee-PRO PKG-R per CNC, and connect them via Realport to map each modem to a virtual serial port in the computer.

Will this work?
Manual and other threads are not explicit about this particual function.

CNC work at 1200 bauds, so i don’t think bandwith will be an issue.

You will need to write Python code on the X4 to do what you wish. As logical as it would be to allow the X4 to look like a ‘terminal server’ with 8 or 16 remove XBee ports, that function is NOT included.

(Note: the X4 can handle Modbus traffic to Xbee nodes, but not raw ASCII).

You can enable Digi RealPort to talk in a UDP mode, then use this script. It will take a little understanding on your part, but once you figure it out it can work.