Having problem collecting data from AIO Adapter with ESP software

I have been using the ESP software for a quick trial of an AIO Adapter that will read a vacuum sensor and send the data to the CP-X8.
I set the Adapter in x_CTU for AIO digi-mesh with:

My input is on Channel 1 and I am sending 2 volt to the channel.
I can see the unit on the CP-X8 network but still no data.
I am wondering if my problem is in the ESP builder which my not have a setting correct.

I am using this to monitor our Families Maple Syrup Operations vacuum level in the forest. Any help greatly thankful!

Hi ,

In ESP , in device Options –> Device Manager you need to add New Remote device a sConnect Port X8 and then provide proper IP address of Connect Port X8 and then telnet option 23 need to be added… Then try to run your Python Code…

You need to look into things like the “Dia” code framework. You want to get the AIO to (as example) send data by itself every 1 minute or 1 hour. So there is a lot more than the DDO/pin settings you mention. I didn’t answer earlier because the task if far more complex than you indicate.

If you can get the Dia running, then it will allow you to see the values.