Home 'n End keys

Hi all:

I have a problem using Home and End keys on Dynamic C.
I have been using it without any problem, I mean, pressing Home key takes me to the beginning of the current line, and pressing End takes me to the end of the current line.
But I think that in some moment I pressed some shortcut without realizing, and now the Home and End keys takes me to the top and the end of the column respectively, and this is no comfortable.
I have no found the reason or the solution to this issue, even in the Dynamic C’s manual.
I’ll be very grateful if somebody of you could help me.

Sounds like your control key is stuck. Sometimes, a key sticks but doesn’t look like it is depressed. Try tapping both of your control keys rather firmly and see if the problem goes away as the behaviour you describe is normal for CTRL-HOME and CTRL-END.

First I see the problem on DC 8.51, after that I’ve tried with 9.50 and 9.62, and the problem is still present in the three versions (but only in my computer, I’ve tried in other PC’s and they works fine)

Hi bsprouse:

Thanks for your response.

I forgot to say I have this problem only with DC, I mean, in any other text editor Home and End keys work fine.

And the behavior is a little dissimilar than Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End, since these shortcuts takes you to the very start or the very end of the file. And in my case the issue is that the mentionated keys takes me to the top or the end of the present column in the screen, it’s a little difficult to explain it, for example, if I’m viewing from line 40 to line 77 on the screen (real case), then I place the cursor on line 55 and column 10, then I press Home key, the cursor goes to line 40 and column 10, how do you see, it’s a little different than Ctrl+Home.

In a nutshell, Home and End keys are affecting the present column and not the present line.

Another thing, I have uninstalled and installed again some times DC 8.51, DC 9.50, and DC 9.62, and the problem didn’t disappear in any of them.

Thanks in advance.

Which version of DC are you seeing this in?