How do I connect 2 x Edgeport 416 to a single PC?

I am trying to connect 2 Edgeport 416 devices to a SIEMENS SIMATIC RACK PC. When I have one Edgeport 416 connected at any one time everything appears ok. When I try to connect 2 I keep getting an error message on the PC saying Not enough USB Controller resources.

In the Edgeport Configuration Utility it sees both devices momentarily before disappearing and displaying “Searching for Edgeport devices…” When one Edgeport 416 is connected to the PC the Configuration Utility displays the device constantly.

When both are connected and I press the configure button on the second device it only shows 2 ports to configure when the first device shows 16 ports to configure.

In the Device Manager on the PC under the IonMultiPortSerial tab the device status toggles between “This device cannot start. (Code10) Insufficient System resources exist to complete API” and “This device is working properly”. The OS I am running on the PC is Windows Server 2012 R2.

LED’s are flashing green on the devices as expected. Can someone please help to fix this situation?