How do I know when a write to flash memory is complete RCM4200

I am storing a file to flash memory in a rabbit 4200. During the flash memory writing process I don’t have access to the tcp/ip port. Is there a way of telling when the write to flash memory is complete?

You haven’t been clear on what function you are using to write to flash memory.

If it is fat_Write() you can check the return code from the function for success.

If it is sspec_write() same as above.

You can use either of the above functions, close the file when done, and continue.

If you are writing to the serial flash with no FAT filesystem, the technique is still the same as the above. Check the return codes from the write function, close the file, and continue with your other code.

Thanks for the response trooper2.

I am updating serial flash with values passed from an external computer through the tcp-ip socket.
When I connect the programming cable I can see that the return value is valid.

My problem was that I was not returning from the function that includes the writes to flash memory and the tcp-ip socket on the computer side was expecting a response.