How do I send a reset command via an XStick device using python?

I have a device that exposes data via an XStick.

The interface is a crude serial at 115200 baud from which I can poll 120 bytes of data.

However, from time to time it gets itself into a state.

And the only way to clear this state is to remove the XStick from linux box, insert into a PC or Mac, and run the vendor’s software - after which the data starts to flow again.

Obviously the vendor’s proprietary software is doing something - but I am not sure what.

I guess I could try and setup some serial tunnelling and check, but in the hope of a simpler approach, I message the forum.

If there was an escape sequence/reset command I could use via the serial line, that would be good to know!


What software are you referring to that you are running?