How do I set the iaroute value to "protaddr=7" via the iDigi Connectivity Service?

If I have access to the gateway via telnet, I can set it as follows
“set ia table=1 route=1 active=on type=zigbee protaddr=7 protocol=modbusrtu” etc.

However, when I try to do this remotely via the iDigi service, the only parameter that looks like the same field is the following:

settings:ia_route/1/min_protocol_address: " but the value that is displayed is “4294967295”

That is a strange value because I configured it as a single number of “7” via telnet.

Is there another parameter that I am overlooking? Or is there some sort of conversion that I have to do to enter “7”?

I need to be able to change that value via the iDigi service in remote locations.

Nevermind. It looks like a bug that displays this strange number the first time. If you enter “7” and refresh, it changes the value to “7”.

I’d add a Vantive on this - it is a side-effect of a change from supporting a pure range (technically 7 to 7 in your case) and a big customer that needed ‘scattered’ lists, so 2 and 7 and 22-27, etc. I’m guessing the weird number your see is the pointer to the 256-bit address array used to offer the scattered form in a fixed size. So as you noticed, the IA function works, but the ‘display back’ shows grabage.