How do I utilize the various forms of memory on the 3300?

I’ve R’d TFM. I’ve R’d TFtech notes. All are very good about explaining how the various bits and pieces of logical memory are mapped into the physical memory, in theory, and explain how different boundaries can be set by manipulating DATASIZE, SEGSIZE, etc. etc. usw. k.t.l.

This is true of both the Rabbit 3000 User’s Manual and the Dynamic C manuals, and the related technotes.

What none of them explicitly tells how me is how that translates to using the 512K+512K SRAM + 512K Flash + 8Mb Serial Flash on the 3305 processor on my board, such that I can reliably store configuration information for the device we are creating someplace that I can check at boot, and either prompt the user (if there’s none in place), offer to use the current config, or move on smartly to create a new one (same code as “prompt the user”, mostly).

That might be more obvious if I could get one of the zconsole samples to run (see other thread), but it’s necessary even if that never happens.

Suggestions? Sample code?