how to return digimesh sync when one s1 came back from power fail?

Hello All.

  1. At digi-mesh all work fine - in sync, that made by one set to SM=8 and the two set from SM=0 to SM=8.
    After that they sync fine.

  2. But when I turn off power to one s1 and turn On power back to him, the sync not work again. they turn on off sleep time without sync together.

  3. what I do is - I turn the SM=0 and turn after it to SM=8. After that they sync like there were before.

  4. Is there a method by setting some parameters to bypass Step 3 - that they sync after power comeback without set to one s1 SM=0 and wait for received the second s1 signal?

Yes it is what is known as the sleep coordinator election and early wake function on missed sync messages. It is part of the SO command.