How to save computed and logged data into a file with Dynamic C?

I am a newbie to Dynamic C (Ver 9.62) and BL2100 via RS-232. I am going to run a test program in which computed and logged data (from potentiometers and motor velocity halls) are saved into a text formatted file in the host PC for analysis and calibration. I tried with fopen, fopen_wr and fcreate, but it seems that it is impossible to save data into a file in the host PC. Anyone who knows how to write codes to save data to a text formatted file in a host PC drive please give me a hand. Thank you very much.


You can send data to the host PC over a serial port, but you’ll need to have a program running on the host PC that reads the port and saves the data to the file. Your BL2100 does not have direct access to the PC file system.

Another thought: use the FTP_CLIENT.LIB to send the data over the ethernet to your host PC. This assumes that you have an FTP server running on the host PC.