how to send file or image using GSM/GPRS kit

Hi All,

I am using Gsm/GPRs application kit with SA-GL Quand band modem (enfora made).
Sim card is activated and GRPS service is enabled. I can able to send and receive SMS over GPRS connection. But in my end application i need to send image from modem to mobile phone. This is my main problem. How to send image or file using GSM/GPRS application kit. How mobile phone with GPRS service are downloading data from internet. How I can implement this using GSM/GPRS application kit.

hi i also having the same problem
we can work together

Hi Arnab & Praveen

I’ve just started working with the camera interface and am in the process of porting it to the internet. My next step is to try to connect the camera to a GSM modem. If you get anything worked out or find any useful info please let me know i would greatly appreciate it.

Have a good one