How to skip non available end sensor nodes?

I want to ask, how to code the program in to skip the nodes which are not available and read other present nodes as it is done in iDigi?

I don’t know the code you indicate ' ', however I know that iDigi doesn’t skip missing sensors.

The normal Digi ESP for Python and iDigi/Dia design is to ask the end sensors to push their data into the gateway WITHOUT the gateway polling the sensor - for as you know, polling a missing sensor causes a 30-second gap and breaks everything.

This way, missing devcie just stop talking, while those who talk update their data over time. You timestamp the data to know who is talking and who has stopped talking. For example, if your sensors send their data every 15 seconds, then of the timestamp on 3 of 4 readings are within 15 seconds of ‘now’, while a 4th has a timestamp 1 hour old, then you know the 4th sensors isn’t there.

So you want to look at settings like IR and SM to enable this auto-sending of data.

Thanks Lynn for this reply.

Hello, I was just looking at your post and wanted to comment. It appears at first glance you’re wanting to know how to build a list of available nodes in python, filtering out non-responsive nodes, etc.

If that is correct, I would suggest using the ZB method GetNodeList, and then make sure to use “refresh=True” so that it does a new discover and doesn’t give you a cached reply.

From here, you can filter by node type, etc. For examples, take a look at these online samples which use the same method:

This is where the method is defined on the Digi web site:

I hope this helps, Nathan F