How to talk to RAS ports directly in Windows

I am afraid this is more like a question to Microsoft. But I decide to try my luck here anyway. We have a digi RAS card with 48 ports. Under UNIX-like system, We can use CU command to initialize communication with RAS ports. What is the equivalent process in Windows System? What should we type before we can issue AT command to the RAS port?

You’d first of all have to make sure no processes are running on the port such as RAS Services. If nothing is running on the port, you could then open it with a terminal emulation program such as Hyperterm or Teraterm and issue the AT commands from there.

Thanks for the reply. However, we intend to automate the procedure through a script, I don’t think third party interface like Hyper terminal would fit here. Don’t windows have a command that is used to open a channel with COM ports?

Actually, the 48-port RAS card isn’t a Digi product anymore. You really should be talking to Patton Electronics,