how to use a MCP9700 temperature sensor with XBee-pro 900hp

I kind of novice with analog temperature sensor. I want to use a MCP9700 with XBee-pro 900hp in mesh configuration. The network is actually working fine with many modules. A 10k potentiometer is conected to AN0 port and vref tie to 3.3vdc. The the AV analog voltage reference parameter of XBee set to 2.5v. Changing the pot settingthis give reading from 0 to 1023mv on AN0.
My questions are :
1- can i simply replace the 10k pot by the MCP9700?
2- how to calculate the proper MCP9700 celcius value from AN0 reading?
3- with AV set to 2.5v do I have supply VREF with a 2.5v supply?
Best regards and tanks helping

As long as your MCP9700 supports a voltage range from 0 - 2.5V you can connect it direct.

1024 / 2.5V

VREF is not used on this product as it uses an internal VREF that you set with the AT command.

The appropriate formula to calculate the degree celcius from Vout is Vout*(2500/1024)-500)/10.
All values ​​are in mv. This is close enough for my application