HyperTerminal issue with modem attached via AnywhereUSB

I have a Virtual Machine on VMware ESX server that connects to the AnywhereUSB device. Attached to that device is a couple of Hayes serial modems (USB to Serial adapters are also installed). We have been using this VM for development work creating communication scripts, and we use HyperTerminal to manually walk through BBS screens to get the prompts to do the scripting. HyperTerminal behaves badly in that it does not flush the remaining 20 or so characters to the screen unless you hit a few keys on the keyboard. This happens almost on every BBS we connect with on this setup…whereas a direct attached modem on a physical machine does not have this problem. Are you aware of any buffer tuning that can be done so help the AnywhereUSB work better with modems…or any settings in Windows 2003 server that would help it work better with this setup?




Hi, if you remove Vmware completely out of the picture and use a stand alone system running HT do you still see the same problems? If you can, please try that.

Also, are you able to try a different modem for troubleshooting purposes?

I think we could recreat this here. I just would need to know precisely how to do it and have you send me anything necessary to recreate.

My email is mikes@digi.com

Hi dwilkins ,
We are also configuring the USB Device to Virtual COM port of the PC with which we are going to communicate through hyperterminal to realise the service port operations.

But, we could able to achieve the success in the enumeration process by just detecting the device id, but not the exact CDC detection on the PC.

Can u come up with exact device descriptors values to be used for the ARM9 which works with the ThreadX RTOS.

Not only this, In order to achieve the above functionality should we require a specific driver from the windows pc side or will there be the default driver windows OS for the common generic devices.

Consider it as urgent, plz.

Thanks in Advance,


If you have a support request would you please open a new thread/topic and clarify your request?

Thanks in advance!