idigi_upload question

Hi, is anyone using the iDigi_upload presentation module?

I am having difficulties understanding how to set it up:

As a new digi user, I am having difficulty understanding how and where this presentation module is physically placed on the ESP tree.

(1) where this physically goes ( in the Custom_presentations or a newly made folder in the \Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\src\presentations\idigi_upload directory ).

(2)I assume that the invocation should be changed from idigi_db to idigi_upload so it does not conflict with the original odigi_db, or are you intending it to be overwritten by this version?

(3) how does one get this presentation to appear in the ESP DIA elements list?

All perhaps naive questions, but not obvious to someone on the learning curve … Thx

Hello Gary,
Really, you can include the presentation in your project in three different ways:
[list=1][li]You can include it directly in the Dia source code so it will be available for every new project you create. If this is the case, you should place it under \Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\src\presentations\idigi_upload directory.
[/li][li]In a newly iDigi Dia created project, you should place it in the custom_presentations folder, so it will be available only for your project.
[/li][li]In a newly iDigi dia created project, you can import all iDigi Dia sources into your project and then place the presentation under \src\presentations\idigi_upload directory. Importing the Dia sources into your project has the advantage of modifying Dia code with total freedom with the security that original code will remain unmodified and will be available for every new created project.[/list=1]
[/li]Which one is better it depends on the use you will do of this presentation.

iDigi_Upload is a different presentation independant of idigi_DB. You can either use iDigi_DB or iDigi_Upload, one doesn’t replace the other one necessary. Just call and configure iDigi_Upload instead of iDigi_DB.

In order to make your presentation to appear in the Digi ESP Dia elemens list you will need to create an XML file describing your presentation and place it under \Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\xml_elements\presentations folder. There is a reference guide to build such XML files but it is still under development.

We have indeed created the XML file description for this new presentation as well as an icon, so everybody can make use of it. You can find them in the wiki page or attached in this post.

To make all this work, follow these steps:
[li]Place the presentation XML file idigi_upload.xml under [b]\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\xml_elements\presentations[/b]
[/li][li]Place the icon idigi_upload.png under [b]\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\xml_elements\icons[/b] [*]Place the presentation python file under [b]\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\src\presentations\idigi_upload[/b].
[/li][li] Place the file in the same folder as presentation python file ([b]\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\src\presentations\idigi_upload[/b]). Note: This is a 0 bytes size file, just create an empty file yourself and name it
[/li][li]iDigi_Upload presentation requires also additional modules not included in Dia 1.3.8:
[/li][ul][li]Place under [b]\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\src\common\helpers[/b]
[/li][li]Place under [b]\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.3.8\src\samples[/b].[/ul][/list=1]
[/li]After that, restart Digi ESP, the new iDigi_upload presentation will be available for you to include in the project and it should work perfectly.

Hope it helps.


David, Thanks !!! It works !!!

I had “almost” gotten it to work by manually editing the, but was getting a run time error because I didnt have the two modules loaded.

Question: In your #3 bullet you referred to "the presentation under \src\presentations\idigi_update ". Should this be “idigi_upload” instead?

Yeah sorry, I have just fixed it :).

Glad I could be of any help, just ask if you have any other questions.


… which I now see was originally MY mistake. I have fixed my post as well if someone ever uses it … Gary