Implementing CIP protocol

For some years I used Digi Connect ME with plug & play firwmare, configuring it as TCP server with a single 9600 8/N/1 serial port.
Now a customer is asking for CIP protocol (over EtherNet/IP) so where can I start ?
I know that a CIP node must to be able to manage both TCP ad UDP connection and be compliant to the protocol from ODVA.
There is someone that has try to do it ? I think that i will start to work in this challenge, many thank to all who will write suggestion.

You would have to implement the EIP yourself on a -C unit. We’ve just finished porting our EIP stack to the connect ME. The best place to start would be ODVA, which means purchasing the EIP specification, and then spending some serious time reading over the spec, as it is quite long-winded and contains a lot of “extraneous” info that you don’t necessisarily need to worry about.