increase awakeTime in sync cyclic sleeping network


i’m tryng to implement ota in a digimesh cyclic sleeping network, i have 3 motes(waspmote v1.1) that are configured as synchronous cyclic sleep Mode (SM=8) and the gateway as coordinator.
When i want update the motes i change the awake time(15 min.) on the coordinator and after a sleep/awake cycle the motes are synchronized and i can start with otap update, but there is a more efficient way to manage otap update in this scenario??

Is possible change the sleep mode or better increase the waketime when i recieve the first ota pkt??

Not that I know of. Sounds like you have a working protocol.

Thanks for reply MikeN,

yes it works… but i want know if there is a way to increase ST window instantly and not after a sleep/wake cycle…
Another question… do you know if is possible handle the sync message sent from coordinator to other motes??