initializeSpiMaster never called from netosStartup

I am using the 9P9215 module. I am attempting to run the SPI Master sample application. It fails in the call NASpiRegisterDevice(). This is because the global variable gSpiMaster is NULL. In poking around this should be initialized in “initializeSpiMaster()” and the function states that it should be called during boot from netosStartup(). In fact there is no call to it from this boot function. When I call initializeSpiMaster() from root.c things seem to work fine. Of course this is a quick work around I tired as the function is not “public” and gives a warning during the build.

Is this a bug and is there a fix/patch?

Regards and thanks in advance for any help.

BTW, an interesting observation is that in bsproot.c, where netosStartup() is located the initializeSpiMaster() function is externed at the top of the module. So it looks like at sometime it was meant to be called but either never got in there or was taken out. Just a guess on my part.