iOS API for usb anywhere


Do you have any support for receiving messages via iOS?

I am the developer of a product that uses USB (hid) to connect to a PC where we have a windows application for users to control the device. We have sucessfully used the USB Anywhere product for some time now. It works great!

We also currently have an iPad/iPhone application we use to communicate with our ethernet based products.

I’m trying to figure out how I can use USB Anywhere to connect my USB products to my iPad/iOS application.

Can you provide me with any documentation that would allow me to handle the USB Anywhere ethernet packets and extract my USB packets??

I would really appreciate any help you could offer.


Hi Dave,

I’m glad to hear that the AnywhereUSB has been working well for you.

We offer an API for the AnywhereUSB. The related files are in the Advanced folder, if you download the latest AnywhereUSB driver package and extract it somewhere.

Is that the sort of information you were looking for?

No, that is not really what we need. Sorry I was not clear about what we are doing.

We are developing software for the iPad that will need to decode the AnywhereUSB packets. There is no PC involved in this application, so the windows API doesn’t apply.

Can you provide us with the documentation required to decode the ethernet packets into USB packets?

Thanks Again,


The AnywhereUSB is intended to connect to a Windows-based PC, so we here in the support group are limited to supporting that kind of installation.

For this kind of request, I suggest discussing it with your local Digi sales rep, as they would be the best channel to get our engineering group to provide the requested info. If you aren’t sure who your local sales rep is, call 1-877-912-3444 and choose the menu option for sales (which is currently 2).