Is it possible to have Inter Pan transmission with the Xbee modules?

I’m trying to implement Zigbee Light Link in a device using the xbee module’s. Now for the commissioning I need to be able to use Inter Pan transmission. Now there is practicly nothing to find about it.

So I was wondering if it is possible to change the xbee modules so that this is possible. Or if someone could give me more information about Inter Pan transmission.

I know Inter Pan transmission is a singe-hop low security communication method between device with a different Pan ID thats why its called Inter Pan, instead of Intra Pan which is communication between devices with the same Pan ID.

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No can do…

Might be able to emulate it using the Programmable Xbee. I think the Home Automation profile supports this, and that is rumored to be in the works and coming “soon.”

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I was afraid of that, seeing it was introduced in the smart energy profile, but only optional. The thing is I was busy implementing Zigbee Light Link and for the commissioning part of that interpan communication is mandatory.

Any update on this question? I’m also looking at Light Link, and being able to send some inter-pan commands (reset in particular) would be great.

> Now for the commissioning I need to be able to use Inter Pan transmission.

I thought inter-pan was only needed if you have more than one zigbee network. If I use a single net with one server controlling multiple lights I should be ok, right?

That is correct. If you are only working with one PAN, you should be ok.