Is it possible to join every public profile network with the Xbee3 module?

Can every public profile network be joined by the Xbee3 module? Or does some public profiles need specific functionalities that the Xbee3 module does not support?
Does the Xbee3 module has every security feature to join every ZigBee network?

Xbee3 should be compatible to all public profiles because of ZigBee 3.0 protocol! Does this mean it can join all ZigBee networks that exist in the world if the settings are right?

Please let me know!

As a basic Zigbee public profile, the XBee 3 should offer what is needed at the basic level for connecting. Now, do you need to have specific responses from your application that is connected to the XBee to remain associated or Joined, that is another thing.