Java and C code

I developed a Java code where if a image is clicked, it will change to another color. And if the image is clicked again, it will change back to the original color. So basically, it will toggle between two color images. Now, the question is, how to I relay this information back to the Netsilicon from the webpage. Do I use the HSGetValue by making the Java data into HTML form data?

I think there are two ways to do this. I do not know if you change a referenced image or simple change the color of a HTML element, so I cannot give a precise answer. Basically you can either embed your HTML into a form element and submit this to the web server where you have a AWS handler received it, or you can post it back to a CGI handler that you implement (not using AWS). If you do not want to post it as a form, you can post it directly from your scrit as XML using the XMLHTTP component (you depend on this being installed at the client).