Linker Directive File Syntax Definitions

Where is the linker directive file syntax defined? I can’t find it in any of the Netsilicon or Multi manuals. I am referring to .lx files such as debug.lx and rom.lx I can guess what some mean but where is it all defined?

Hi Samuel GNU linker documentation can be found at: As for any customizations made Greenhills… You could try their Website. Regards Dave

.picbase Base of text sections .text Program text .rodata Read-only data .rosdata Small, read-only data .secinfo Information on section layout of the program .data Initialized variables .bss Zero-initialized variables .heap Size and location of runtime heap .stack Size and location of runtime stack .netosstack Stack for each processing mode, grows downward. Please refer to init.s .free_mem Area of memory used by the THREADX kernel to create timer and root threads. This should not be used for any other purpose