List of Port<->Host correspondance

Hi – I know I can ssh -l myname consoleserver
and then type return a few times, gather all
that output, and then parse it to determine
which port+7000 is the port for a given
host when using ssh -l root consoleserver -p port+7000
to reach it directly.

What I want to do is, for any given consoleserver
determine all its port/host correspondances from
outside, without having to login or barring that
if I login as ssh -l root consoleserver how I can
get that list.

I know I can run vts.master as root on the consoleserver
but I want to get just the information without all
the formatting. Does /bin/vtsport give that? I want
to not have to post-process the output of /bin/vts.master
and just have a

7001 hostname
7002 hostname2
7003 hostname3

Anyone have a way to do that elegantly?


Stuart Cracraft