Long Encoder

Hi All,

I have a project where I’m tracking product down a conveyor belt moving at 1000 ft./min. The product is about 2.5 inches wide. I’m receiving (reject) inputs from 4 different inspectors. The product is rejected (if flagged as bad) when it reaches reject point. I’m using four FIFOs to keep track of the bad product.

I’m trying not to be to long…

My question is… The qd_read(x); function returns a Long. The good news is at that rate I only need to qd_zero(x); rarely. And I don’t have to worry about the rollover or as some would call the modulo. But!! I am worried about the LONG eating up processing speed while I’m comparing, adding, and subtracting. However, if I change everything to an INT, I have to keep track of the whole modulo, clock arithmatic, thing.

Any input from you guys would be great.


Thank you.stuartdenley