Looking for JTAG reference schematic for ZB SMT module


I’m not exactly clear on how to hook up a JTAG connector to a custom design using the XBEE ZB SMT module. The JTAG connector is for an EM357 InSight Adapter 3 (ISA3).

The XBee user’s manual lists the usual JTAG pins (TDO/TDI/TMS/TCK) on module pins 19/20/21/18, but these are also “secondary pins” DIO9/TDO, DIO12/TMS, DIO5/TDI. So…which pins do I connect to with the InSight Adapter? I’m furthermore confused because the module documentation brings out the dedicated TDO/TDI/TMS/TCK pins and then labels them “do not connect”.

And the final point of confusion: The InSight Adapter documentation shows a signal (nJRST) which is not on the XBee module. This is in addition to the usual RESET signal (which is on the module). So…what do I hook up nJRST to???

Any ideas? Ideally, a reference schematic for connecting an InSight Adapter 3 to an XBee ZB SMT?