Looking for Video Email Marketing!

Can anyone guide me about Video email marketing? Is it possible to customized banners and links with my video emails?

Video email marketing is a new tool in market which allows the entrepreneurs to access video email facility with the use of microphone and camera and communicate directly with the end customer. It harnesses the power of video in conveying emotions, tone, and energy while leveraging the flexibility of an email- like system. It increases the market value and credibility of the user. You can get more information from http://www.onlinefacetime.com/
and yes it is very simple to customize banners and links with the video emails.


I don’t think video email marketing is an effective way for marketing.

you can’t embed a video into an e-mail and you have to attach it and I don’t think that customers will notice the video or want to watch it.

I would suggest to use basic and simple HTML page which will work better.