LP3500 - SD Card Using SPI on J6?

I need some direction on trying to get an SD card working with FAT on an LP3500 board.

It is my understanding that one can use SPI via the connections at J6, so I have connected an SD Card for SPI mode to J6 as follows:

J6-Pin 1 -> SD Card-Pin 7 (MISO)
J6-Pin 2 -> SD Card-Pin 5 (CLK)
J6-Pin 7 -> SD Card-Pin 1 (CS/SS)
J6-Pin 8 -> SD Card-Pin 2 (MOSI)
J6-Pin 9 -> SD Card-Pin 4 (Vcc)
J6-Pin 10 -> SD Card-Pin 3 & 6 (GND)

Now, the question is, can I make this work with the Dynamic C FAT library?
I assume that I need to define a custom driver in Fat_config.Lib, but I am finding the documentation a bit scarce. Do I also need to do something in SDFLASH.LIB? That file seems to deal with both “SD Mode” and “SPI Mode”, but again, I am not sure what to look at next.

If someone could point me in the right direction as to which library files I would need to modify to get this working, it would be appreciated. If getting an SD card to work with this board is not possible, then please tell me also. I am not really interested in the SF1000 board due to small capacity and because I want to be able to share files easily with a PC without the need to connect to the LP3500.


Hello Dan!
I have the same problem as you. I’m trying to use an SD card into J6 LP3500, and although I try not to get the card to answer me. I am a bit lost with the configuration of the library.
Can you help me? If you have any questions about anything (other than the SD, since I have much less idea than you) I’ll try to help you.
Thank you very much. I await your response.