Managed Make project settings not available

A project I have been using for months suddenly decided to show an error every time I open it up, and my Net+OS and C/C++ project Properties show an empty panel with the ‘settings not available’ error message.

This project is managed by SVN, and other developers have no problem. A band new checkout doesn’t solve it.

I have compared project file sets (with invisible files all set to be visible) and cannot figure out where these settings are supposed to be.

I can copy all the code files to a new project and it builds fine, but obviously that project is no longer in SVN.

So it’s a project-specific problem, yet doesn’t sem to involve files in the project itself.

Anyone have any clues?

There are a few files that SVN will often miss, and without them you will get errors like this.

Make sure that you have the following included in your repo: