Masking of ISA register

Hi,is the System Controllers ISA Register (0xA0900168) modified by the mask generated by the priority encoder or is it modified only by the interrupt-enable bits of the icfg registers ? Jochen Karrer

Hi,Cannot answer yet to your question, but I will get my dev board on the second half of July, and I hope, we can share our experiences after that. It seems, that, so far, you are the only one on this section. I will have to write some high speed SPI drivers to comunicate with other processors (NS9750 will be a slave) and I want to use DMA transfers for that. In the same time, the NS will be a TCP/IP server + webserver for a computer based client program (Java). Also, I will need some USB device drivers. Good luck, Adrian

Hi Adrian, You will use Java ! This is cool. Will you use the Jazelle extensions of the ARM9 ? I wrote an emulator for the NS9750 which already is able to boot Linux. But I have currently no Jazelle support. I’m have no Java knowledge and our company will not use Java on the NS9750, but just for fun I’m interrested in adding Jazelle support to my emulator. Maybe next holiday… Which operating System will you use ? Does it use the NS9750 in little endian or Big Endian Mode ? Jochen

Sorry for delay, I was in vacation :slight_smile: I will not run Java code on NS9750, I will run the code on PC. NS9750 will just have a web page providing the Java code to the computer. I will use NetOs 6.1 for this. What do you mean by “emulator”? Is it a simulator running on a PC? Adrian

Hi Adrian, Yes the emulator runs on a Linux PC and emulates a NS9750. Currently it has the 32 Bit Instruction set with DSP extensions, and a MMU with a 3 Entry TLB. The timers are working in 32 Bit Mode only currently. The emulator can run linux-2.6.7. The emulator will be published as freeware as soon I have a Kernel which works on both, the real NS9750 and the emulator. I yesterday got the eval board and I’m waiting for the registration code for the majic jtag. As soon this is done I can start experimenting with the real device. Jochen