Mesh network problems


I’m working in a project whose has around 50 gateways, every gateway control a mesh network with 150-250 radios. We have a lot of problems with the mesh, specefic in the commmunication between the radio and gateway, we only can comunicate with 70-60 radios, but with the scand or discover wee see all the radios. First the radio only has the common parameters configured, like ID, NI, KY, DHDL(Gateway Address Configured), RO(FF), and the last change was TO(With Broadcast Directed) I know this is one of the problems but my team said this will improve the communication, but im not agree with this. Wich parameters you suggest to change to improve the communication? or maybe in the part of the gateway a suggestion.


The products we are using is Xbee Pro 900 S3B, and connectport x2

See the following link from your manual.

You are possibly hitting an issue where you are talking to more devices in quick succession than you have room in the routing table. When that occurs the XBee continually cycles nodes in/out of the table and incurs route discovery overhead.