my arduino mega does not respond


first of all I have to tell you that I’m quite new with xbee

I’m trying to “talk” with an arduino mega with a motion sensor.
I use windows 8 and I have installed the adequate drivers
I use the latest version of XCTU and arduino IDE

this is what I already did:

I configured one xbee as a coordinatior and one as an end device with XCTU
they have both the same pan id
they have the latest firmware
I put the coordinator on an explorer board
I put the end device on the arduino with a xbee shield
I uploaded a code including aREST
I have set the switch to UART

according to XCTU the xbee’s are connected

now here is the problem:
when I use the serial monitor (cariage return and 9600 baud), and I give the command /id, nothing happens.
the led indicator imply’s that the coordinator is sending information(RX led is on), but the arduino is receiving nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

I am really stressed, please help
many thanks in advance!

Change your End device to a Router. Then set the Coordinator to unicast mode (DL and DH of the Coordinator = the SL an SH of the router).